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Spending My Weekend

3 Ways I’ll Be Spending My Weekend

— AUGUST 31, 20124

01. Looking at the World Differently

That might sound like an ambitious weekend project to you, but I really mean it.  I took a fantastic Alt Summit webinar last night with Laurie Smithwick of Upside Up, and a big part of her presentation was on learning to see the world around you for the perfect artistic muse that it is.

 Whether it be a perfectly orchestrated color scheme or a salient metaphor, the scenery just outside our doors is all the inspiration we’ll ever need.  I’ve heard this emphasized in photography and writing classes, too, but it’s something I always claim to be too busy for.  Seriously, self – how can you be too busy to let this world’s wonder consume you?  My mantra for the weekend is “keep your eyes open.”

02. Catching up on that September stack.

I consider magazine reading to be my “homework.”  No, it’s not my major, but studying layout, type, writing style, and the editing process feels like a natural extension of my passions for fashion, writing, and design.  I have a few international editions to read (like the Harper’s Bazaar UK that I picked up in my European travels two summers ago above), but I also have a Godzilla-sized stack of American September issues that are begging to be devoured before October copies hit the shelves next week.

03. Lunching with Sara

Life’s funny sometimes.  I was a freshman at Cornell in 2009, right after the lovely Sara of Beautifully Contained graduated.  We’re in the same sorority and are thus Facebook friends, but we’ve never actually met in person.  Over the past few months we’ve become fast friends due to our mutual love for blogging, and this weekend we’re finally meeting up for lunch!  I couldn’t be more thrilled.  If you love a good home DIY, you need to check out Sara’s blog.  She’s transformed her house into a fun, airy, and homey spacewithout spending major cash.

How are you spending your weekend?

P.S. – Next week has been officially dubbed FABB Week.  That’s right!  I’m headed to the Lucky FABB Conference in New York City from Wednesday to Saturday, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!  Posts next week will be themed accordingly, so be sure to stop by on Monday between breaks in your Labor Day plans!

Boots, Boots, Boots!

— AUGUST 30, 20127

Boots, boots, boots – so sue me, I love ‘em.  For the last few years, any and all back-to-fall shopping excursions have started and, one sad little wallet later, ended in the boot department. Though I love the wild sensibility of Phillip Lim’s next-to-godly heels, I understand that budgets are meant to be kept and I’ve fallen just as hard for the wallet-friendly finds on the right.  Those Jellypop wedges?  Under $60!  Fall called – it told me to tell you that you’ll look real good in any of these sidewalk stompers.

Do you have any favorite styles I should know about before fall officially starts?A

You Should Be: Reading Verily Magazine

— AUGUST 29, 2012


If you’ve been here a while, you know I like (and devour) pretty things.  I’ll swallow my pretty pill in almost any capsule – a photograph that enchants with quiet allure; a hand-crafted and ornate bib necklace; a punchline served like an upper cut at just the right moment; a font that tap dances across the page and hits all of its marks . . . shall I go on?

 My point being, I try to spend my day seeking beauty and appreciating its uniquely magnificent forms.

 When I find something I think is really special, I want to yell and dance and jump for joy so everyone around me can catch a taste of its wonder.  Lately, I’ve been yelling about Verily Magazine.

 It’s truly something new: this magazine elevates the typical fashion tome to a place of honesty.  Who are we as females emerging in the 21st century?  

experiences as modern women

What do we value and what do we aspire to in our individual worlds?  I love that the editors are striving to create content that is relevant to their (and our!) .  Features in the teaser issue include a beautifully written piece on the death of a parent, a lesson in today’s networking, and a gorgeous style editorial shot by one of my favorite photogs, Trever Hoehne.  

Though the teaser is the only issue available online, I hope you’ll take a gander at the first issue and subscribe in print if you like what you see!  A magazine like this deserves support and all of the accolades that come its way.

What do you think of Verily?

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