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FABB A Change Is Gonna Come

Remember when I told you to expect some changes around here?

Epiphanies strike like discovered gold: not when you’re panning for them, but when you stumble onto their unannounced magic at the right moment.  Here was mine: I’ve spent a lot of time doing the things I’m “supposed” to.

 I had to go to a good college.  Me had to get great grades.  I had to strive for absolute perfection, however unattainable.  Almost all of those limits were set with strict judgment by my own worst critic – silly ol’ me.

Lucky FABB

 Well, after a lot of thinking at Lucky FABB, a fantastic few days in NYC free of boundaries, and a thorough perusal of O Magazine on the bus ride home, I realized that the things I’ve made important for the majority of my life really don’t make me all that happy.  

 I’m certainly in no position, at a positively blossoming 20 years of age, to be settling for someone else’s dreams already.

This isn’t headed

This isn’t headed for the denouement you might be bracing yourself for – no, not at all.  

You (plus my gorgeous roommates, who keep me laughing on repeat all day every day) are the reason for genuine ear-to-ears amidst the activities I grin and bear through.  You’ve all inspired me to reexamine my priorities and to dedicate my spare moments to this beautiful space I’ve found in the blogosphere.  Hopefully it’s rent controlled.

Part of this refocusing involves me taking a step back to make this place more “me.”  I haven’t been posting stories I’ve loved lately because I’ve felt so distracted.

 I don’t want to post

just to post.  I’m hoping to be back up and running marathon style (potentially with a new name, who knows!) in a few weeks.  In the mean time, keep up with me on Twitter and Pinterest and expect me to be stalking your blogs big time.  I’m not going anywhere and neither is my support for this community!

xoxo and see you (as a new and improved blog) soon!

FABB Week: The 5 Most Important Lessons Learned

— SEPTEMBER 7, 2012

Yes, that is Rachel Zoe.  Yes, I did die of bliss.

worth the classes missed and the ten hours of bus travel here and back.  

Really, the last few days have been a class in and of themselves.  Going to Lucky Magazine‘s FABB (Fashion and Beauty Blogger) Conference was unbelievably beneficial not only for this blog, but for me, too.  I’ve had a hard time defining my goals and my passions for the last few years — am I a designer?  A writer/photographer?

 A curator?

 I’ve never been able to pin down my identity as a soon-to-be professional.   I’m dying to pass on that motivation to you, so without further ado . . . the five most important lessons I learned at Lucky FABB :

Read on for the good stuff!

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FABB Week: Only In New York

— SEPTEMBER 4, 20126

Today’s the day.  By the time you read this, I will be sitting on a big ol’ bus, likely napping, and preparing myself to take in the stylish sights of New York City.  Here’s what I’m planning to take a bite out of in the Big Apple:

The fabulous and unapologetic style of NYFW goers. This image from The Sartorialist is the ultimate expression of my excitement for Fashion Week.  Incredibly stylish ladies and gents, vibrance and color, and the culture of fashion await.  If I look half as fabulous as this woman, I’ll be the happiest camper in the city.

 The ultra-cool OTTE NY.    Otte excels at supplying high-end basics (their in-house line is killer) while stocking investment pieces from amazing designers.  The fact that Dree Harper, Alicia Lund, and Blair Eadie are fans only makes this hot shop more appealing.

See you in New York!

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